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Why I Do Hair
Being a hairstylist, I get to help people find their inner confidence and appreciate the qualities that make them beautiful. Human connection is important- sometimes a haircut or color is the comforting touch a person needs. I'm honored that my career is helping people feel their best and being a supportive role for many, along with getting to express my own creativity. 

"Social connection is such a basic feature of human experience that when we are deprived of it, we suffer."

Leonardo Mlodinow

My husband and I have been together for 6 years, and we have adopted an English lab and bearded dragon! I enjoy baking sourdough, cooking, snowshoeing, and going for long walks with my dog. When we are home, you will find me in the garden, tending to my sourdough starter, or snuggled up with my dog and bearded dragon on the couch.
Wrapping up my high school credits as a junior, I had the opportunity through my high school to attend cosmetology school. I graduated beauty school a month before I graduated high school, so I was able to kickstart my career at a very young age.

Healing crystals are something that you will find placed throughout my home and salon. I believe balancing energy is important- what better way do to that than with something from the Earth!

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